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In January and February of 2022, ADTSEA will be conducting an event called the ADTSEA Winter Workshop Series. Don’t delay and miss this opportunity to gain valuable professional development!


You must register for this event. You are able to register for the full event or for individual workshops.


Registration Fees:

$35/per workshop
$85 for the first workshop
$35 for all workshops after the first

Individual certificates will be issued for each workshop indicating the number of contact hours (4 hours per workshop). You must be in attendance for the length of the workshop. If your state approves of these workshops, you may forward your certificate to the state in order to record your hours of participation.


Attached is the Event Flyer and descriptions of the workshops. You can also Click Here to View the Event Flyer.


You may also visit the Events Page on the ADTSEA Website for more information or click here to register.


If you have already registered, watch your email on Friday January 21, 2021 for log in and link information for Workshop 1- Unique and Engaging Learning Activities - January 25, 2022 1:00 PM EST!


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