I hope everyone has had a productive and safe school year thus far.  There always seems to be so much work to do and so little time to do it.  Ours is a never-ending endeavor to educate and advertise the benefits and importance of safe behavior while driving.  The messages and knowledge we share is always evolving with the changes to traffic patterns as well as changes of driver behavior behind the wheel.  There are many ways in which our vehicles themselves and the advancement of technology are making our drivers safer but if used improperly, can create a very dangerous driving environment for both the driver and those around that vehicle.  So, our message is more important then ever.  Our young people face driving challenges that have never in the history of the world been faced before, and those challenges will continue to evolve in different ways as people and cars become more and more dependent upon technology.  The list of what NOT to do behind the wheel is growing, however, the list of what we SHOULD be doing behind the wheel remains the same.  Most information and knowledge eventually become obsolete but teaching young people how to drive is and will remain as constant and important in the future as it is today and has been in the past.

This April, we have the opportunity to participate and more importantly, celebrate 50 years of professionalism, passion and love for the contributions that the NCDTSEA has made in our state.  For 50 years our students have benefited from the decisions, instruction and support that has formed our Driver Education program into what it has become today, a nationally recognized program that other states are scrambling to try to emulate in many ways.  We invite you to attend and participate in this celebration of 50 years of helping to save lives across our great state.

As we continue to move forward as a driver education community, we have the resources in place to be successful well into the future.  Karl Logan and his team at DPI are implementing a new statewide program to better train instructors that has already garnered attention nationwide.  More in-services and open forums with DPI have revealed more efficient and better ways of administering our program at the state level.   Susan Harrison, our Legislative Consultant, has been and will continue to be our advocate at the State Legislature as she helps us to understand the things we need to accomplish so that our elected officials will continue to have a full understanding of the great value of our driver education program.  As your association President, I know I can speak for all on our board when I express how appreciative we are of Karl and Susan, as well as all those who work tirelessly every single day to help our children become the next generation of safe drivers.

Please continue to support the NCDTSEA and your own development as a teacher by attending our upcoming 50th annual conference being held in Clemmons, NC at the Village Inn Conference Center on April 23rd-25th, 2020. We are working hard to deliver a conference that will be valuable for each of you to attend.  Thank you for all you do and if there is any way we can serve you as a board, please let us know.  Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

Devin Tanner / President NCDTSEA