2020 Conference

 50th Annual NCDTSEA Conference

The NCDTSEA Board of Directors had an emergency meeting by teleconference yesterday (03/23/2020) at 10:00am.  A quorum was certified for this meeting.  We had a long and lively discussion about the 2020 conference and whether to cancel it or not and what the accompanying implications would be.  The ultimate decision and by unanimous vote, the Board of Directors decided to cancel the NCDTSEA’s 50th Anniversary Conference scheduled to be held in Clemmons on April 23-25, 2020.  I can assure you that this decision was not made casually and dispassionately.  We discussed every conceivable argument. 


If anyone has already paid their registration and membership fees, I will be writing reimbursement checks and sending them back by mail.  I am required to write the check to the entity or to the person who wrote the check to me.  I will begin writing checks within the next couple of days and I will get a refund to everyone, so please patient.  I will be sending the registration/early bird money back.  I will be retaining the NCDTSEA membership/ADTSEA membership money and forwarding the ADTSEA money to that group. The membership dollars that we collect now will be what we will use to pay our obligations throughout the coming fiscal year.

Thank you, Connie 

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